• Robbert Mica


    I live in the Netherlands. Almost a third of the Netherlands is situated below sea level. This is fine


    Water plays a big role in everyone's life. Perhaps a crucial role in my life. Both business and pleasure


    I used space technology in an attempt to solve water, food, energy and health stuff


    Because, you know: space


    Here is what I did during the last ten years. Never alone, always surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs


    I was the co-founder and owner of what is now called Sungevity International (acquired by Engie)


    I was a venture partner at an aerospace company


    I am not anymore, but they're still cool


    I am the co-founder of an earth observation company that looks at the world's water VanderSat


    I started open source surf and health initiatives like Westkust and Totem Open Health


    It's a shame this internet thing never really took off. It looks like it had a lot of potential


    I am a non-tech person surrounded by scientists. I am a pragmatic science translator, if you will.


    I have two daughters who tell their classmates I am an astronaut


    Weird flex, but ok